The Slingshot Hover Glide NF2 foil is a recreational foil that is easy to ride and made strong to take abuse. Match it up with any Slingshot or other brand board with a track system and you will be stoked!

Construction: Aluminum mast and fuselage with composite front and back wings.
Foil Attachment Type: Plate attachment and adjustable track system on the board.
Foil Weight: 11.9 lbs. with out the board.
Compatibility: The Slingshot Hover Glide NF2 foil will work on any board with the two track pedestal mounting system. If you use this foil with a different board than a Slingshot you will need to get mounting hardware.
Mast Adjustability: Slingshot has the Flight School Mast Package that comes with a 15", 24" and 30" mast. You can use the top plate from your original package or get another to make switching out the mast that much easier.
Something Special: The low speed foiling stability enables rapid progression. The Flight School mast package make this foil the #1 choice for beginner.
Just Being Picky: This is the heaviest foil that we ride. Slingshot uses a very heavy duty gauge of Aluminum to increase durability, but it adds weight.

What's Included:

Padded foil wing and mast cover
Aluminum 35.5" mast
Aluminum fuselage
Composite medium aspect front and back wings
Foil Hardware
Board mounting hardware (Sold separately)
Available with green, yellow or orange wings

899.00 €-19%=720.00 €