New for 2020, the Sci-Fly is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding. A parallel rail outline helps with edging and load/pop off the water, while relative high rocker helps soften landings, helps prevent nose diving and gives the board a looser, skate-like feel. To aid in mid-air maneuvers, the Sci-Fly has top and bottom grab rails for easy grip and a chopped nose that reduces swing weight. A winged diamond tail gives the board plenty of back-end grip and a clean exit when releasing from the water.

Why You’ll Love The Sci-fly

+ New Bad Ass Board
+ New Cushy New Corduroy Deck Pad Is Super Grippy And Comfortable
+ New Construction: Lighter Weight, More Control, More Connected Feel
+ New Winged Diamond Tail
+ New Footstrap Insert Placement
+ Short And Sweet: Designed For Tricks, Aerials And Skate-style Surfing
+ Chopped Nose Reduces Front-end Swing Weight For Easier Maneuverability
+ Snappy And Super Agile, Great For Powered-up Slashing
+ Bamboo And Carbon Patches Add Durability In Key Areas

999.00 €