Aaron Gunn Terrain – Aaron has proved to be the master of the Terrain since he started riding it about two years ago, so it only made sense we give him one to call his own. The difference this year is we stiffened up the belly so it can handle kicker landings better, considering Gunn can’t resist jumping off of everything in sight. Aaron has also crushed just about every “that board is too big” myth, as he arguably spun more circles and caught more air than any other rider in 2016. A 1080 a day would be 1095 full spins, so realistically he probably came in somewhere closer to 10,000. We’re dizzy just after doing the math.

The Gunn Terrain is the perfect board for riders looking to improve their rail riding skills in the park. The extra soft flex pattern allows for big presses and helps riders understand the feeling of locking on and holding a press. The Gunn Terrain has a wide profile and fast continuous rocker line, allowing riders like two-time Wake Park World Champion Aaron Gunn to cruise effortlessly through the park and focus on mastering each and every obstacle.

● Soft flex makes pressing a piece of cake
● Loose snow-style feel on the water
● Upgraded park base can handle all obstacles
● Great for learning to manipulate flex on rails
● Board of Choice for 2X World Champion Aaron Gunn

549.00 €-30%=384.30 €