With the Armor’s hard-shell Lumbar Lock technology, the harness does not rotate or slide; it locks in place and stays exactly where it should. This means lateral motion must come from the spreader bar. The metal slider bar is a spreader bar, rope and pad system that connects directly with the rider’s chicken loop. This setup is totally unique and provides a smooth and full range of motion, allowing the harness’s lumbar lock technology to work its magic while rider changes angles of attack, carves upwind, rides toeside and slashes waves.

Size: 10"(25.4 cm)

● Lighter than standard fixed hook spreader bar
● Ergonomic fit
● Replaceable rope
● Rugged stainless steel construction
● Speed-Lock compatible
● Rope system provides optimal angle of attack
● Allows smooth and full range of motion
● Keeps harness locked in place where it should be
● Easy interchange to fixed hook option

55.00 €