Construction: Performance Core
Base: 110mm
Depth: 115mm
Area: 9824mm sq
Sweep: 32 degrees

The FCS II Reactor Thruster Performance Core Carbon Medium fin set from the Essential Series. New integrated Carbon frame delivers a twisting flex pattern. This gives instant acceleration when you push drive with your rear foot, and a smoother feel at high speeds when performing critical turns.The FCS II Reactor fins are inspired by the traditional K2.1 and TC fin sets. The upright template allows the fins to release into tight turns and aggresive snaps. This is the ideal thruster set for the rider looking to stay locked in the sweet-spot and who likes to boost plenty of aerials in hollow or punchy beach breaks. The flat inside foil on the side fins will deliver sharp and imediate directional changes and tight radius turns.

Construction: Performance Core Carbon - The PC fin is designed to replicate the feeling of traditional glassed-on or fibreglass fins with the bonus of a greatly reduced weight. The Resin Transfer Moulding process produces a lightweight and flexible fin for a smooth feel and impressive aesthetic.

PLEASE NOTE: These FCS II fins are NOT compatible with the original FCS and FCS Fusion fin plugs.

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